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This SMS-based application enables mobile users to know the scores, latest happenings, highlights and trivia of all international cricket matches without the use/need of internet connectivity.

How to use this App:

The primary keyword is @cricbuzz, which when used with other keywords gives related results. SMS the following keywords to the txtWeb number 9243342000 to get desired results:

• Live scores for All India matches - @cricbuzz or @cri
• Detailed scores for current live India matches - @cricbuzz score

• Stats for current match - @cricbuzz stats
• Latest match highlights - @cricbuzz highlights


• Cricket trivia - @cricbuzz triva
• Coaching tips - @cricbuzz tips

• International schedule - @cricbuzz schedule
• Country schedule - @cricbuzz schedule

• Latest cricket news - @cricbuzz news

• Help and feature list - @cricbuzz help


Wherever is mentioned or is indicated visually, leave space between two words. Do not type as a part of the message.

How to use this Service

SMS @cricbuzz to 51115 (Valid on Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and Tata Docomo)

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Sangamesh Uppin | May 11, 2014

yes good app

basavaraj | May 15, 2012

@cricbuzz score

basavaraj | May 15, 2012

cricket score

Joby Joseph | July 03, 2011

Dear friends, Send SMS to 09243342000 (txtweb): "@smsinfo movie:iron man" to get IMDB Rating and Release Date --------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Iron Man Rating: 7.9 Realease Date: 2 May 2008 --------------------------------------------------------------- "@smsinfo distance:bombay,delhi" to calculate geographical distance --------------------------------------------------------------- Distance: 1,401 km Source: bombay Destination: delhi --------------------------------------------------------------- "@smsinfo stock:south indian bank" to receive live stock details --------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTH INDIA: INR 23.95 +0.20(0.84%) BSE: 18,693.86 +201.41(1.09%) --------------------------------------------------------------- Include only the text within quotes. Do not add quotes.

Siddharth Vishwanathan | July 01, 2011

Very helpful!

karthik | July 01, 2011


Ajith | July 01, 2011

Very quick, fastest updates. New features - @cricbuzz tips and @cricbuzz highlights are pretty good. .

arun | April 22, 2011

This BLOG is fastest score updating blog in txtweb. in @cricbuzz details , i want a little change. While a match over, summary shown for only chasing team & we cant know the details about defending team. instead of that, it showing previous match chasing team score. if u correct these, users can completely know the summary of the both the teams. And for previous matches u can provide the separate app usage & it will more useful for us. And i am very happy that, when the last time i requested for summary & u did it, and i am hope that u will do some change this time also as like previous.

arun | March 14, 2011

@cricbuzz details i need summary of the match, after end of 1st innings & 2nd innings. (4 top scorer & 4 top bowler) then it will be more useful for us.. please make it soon..

www.TheBlog.heck.in | February 27, 2011

Visit- www.djbuzz.tk

Gopi Krishnan | January 25, 2011

nice work !

Sijo John | January 21, 2011

while showing the bowler stats,the overs bowled & wickets taken r shown,bt the runs conceeded is not shown....do something abt this...
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