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Updated: 23 Jan 2013

Find 1000's of friends to Chat, Smile, Laugh & Cry with. It's an anonymous chat, so your real identity is never disclosed, including your mobile number which will remain safe.

How to use this Service

SMS @Funchat to 51115 (Valid on Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and Tata Docomo).

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Raj Sharma | January 14, 2016


Chinmay Kumar Sahu | January 07, 2015

Hi! I come back with new feature in everyday by using @chatfun apps. You wil get chat, news, fun, tricks, love, fwd msg in a single click. Today feature- @chatfun.spam and

karthik | December 12, 2014

what is the funchat number can any one help me plz?? my no 9940624985

anish | February 09, 2014


Rajashekar Kurma | January 29, 2014

hai frd can u chat me thii raj

Srishti | December 12, 2013

i like it

Mandeep | July 17, 2013

hiee everyone... for nice frndshp sms me on 9650410965...

Vishal | June 10, 2013


Vishal | May 14, 2013

कुणी मराठी मुले आहेत का इथे? असतील तर त्यांनी मला मोबाईल नंबर द्या...आपण मैत्री करूयात....

akash | April 10, 2013

why this application is limiting only for 25 msgs?

avinash | January 18, 2013

how to use it plz tell me........

anilkarthik | December 13, 2012

starting fun chat is working fine... but later it is not working yaar...please see that problem and solve fast... :'( :(

Sudheesh | December 04, 2012

im not able to send more than 10 msgs...!! can sum1 explain

mandy | November 07, 2012

hiee everyone... for nice frndshp sms me on 9015630654...

Ram Krushna Ray | October 30, 2012

please create funchat sms application on website

aryan | October 19, 2012

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Chinmay Kumar Sahu | September 28, 2012

i have developed new fun app please visit @CHINU

Rajeev | September 27, 2012

i don know how to use this app in my phone.. please help me?

Abhyudha Baddi | August 10, 2012

Hi whats this site about? how to use this app? kindly help .... totally in confusion..

Ram Krushna Ray | July 08, 2012

what is the process to find a friend here through sms ? please reply me

priya | June 26, 2012


Amit Gupta | June 26, 2012

hello everyone! Join me 4 lovely txt msg frndship 8115914944

Amit Gupta | June 26, 2012


Nikkunj Garg | June 22, 2012

helllooo everyone . .. join me for a lovely text friendship @ 9993048865 .... ..

Abid | May 31, 2012


Syed Amanulla Hussaini | May 22, 2012

hiiiiii....... wats up......

KB | May 05, 2012

liked it! Also, try @txtmsg for cool messages.

Mahender Kumar Verma | April 14, 2012

HII evryone

Sunny | March 25, 2012

i could nt log into the funchat...

praveen kumar jain | March 20, 2012

hey hie

srinu | March 13, 2012


JEEVANDHAR | March 02, 2012


Deepak kumar b | February 17, 2012

hey... I am getting error "there was some error sending the message, please try again later" when chating with particuler user.... please help me....
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