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Changes in the txtWeb Platform benefitting Developers


Since txtWeb’s inception in 2010, it has traversed towards excellence and has grown into a platform, a force to reckon with. The team has continuously endeavoured to keep pace with the ever-changing applications landscape, regulatory ground realities, growing demands of end users and the mounting needs of developers. Our motto has been to make the platform robust, user-friendly and developer friendly so it becomes a world-class platform - the platform of choice for users and developers alike.



With these goals in mind, the team at txtWeb has made various changes to the platform over the past three months. In case you have missed the latest changes, we present to you a compilation of all these updates.


Developer Updates

  • The number of parameters that are sent to an application have been increased following feedback from developers.  Developers can now verify the source of their requests (whether it is from txtWeb), get to know the protocol (SMS or USSD or Web or Emulator) etc. Find more details here
  • http cachinghas been incorporated for all the apps. This ensures caching responses for up to 120 seconds. Find more details here
  • The notification feature had been introduced to ensure that developers are up-to-date with all the changes taking place on http://txtweb.com. Based on developer feedback, the notification feature has been upgraded so that developers get updated more frequently (in less than 2 hours) for all the happenings against their profile. Work is on, on another upgraded version that will improve the developers experience even further.
  • Building and publishing apps on txtWeb just became easier, more efficient and seamless for a developer with a few important changes to improve the entire flow of txtSite and txtApp.  

Platform Updates


  • An error log has been implemented for developers which enables the developer to see all the errors their app has got from the past week (by default) and up to a month.
  • An email notification feature has been introduced that updates a developer on all the happenings against their profile.
  • The search experience on http://txtweb.comhas been improved and has been made more efficient. It bubbles up more relevant results for search terms based on multiple parameters.
  • Category iconselection allows developers to select the icon of their choice from a set of images instead of assigning a default image.
  • txtWeb has received exemption from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) which saw our numeric sender-Id come back. Users can reply back to the same number and developers can start building more interactive apps on the platform.
  • txtWeb has released local numbers for Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. With this, developers can ask their app users to use these local numbers and help them save money! The local number for Andhra Pradesh is +91 92462 01234 and the local number for Maharashtra is +91 92202 92202.
  • A feature that pushes all the popular and trending apps to the end users has recently been implemented, end users can then forward the message to their friends. This helps developers in getting more users for their apps without any effort from their end. The user needs to completely opt out of NCPR to use this feature.

A lot more improvements are in the pipeline. Some of these changes are in progress while some are still being brain-stormed.


As we said right at the beginning of this article, our sole aim is to enhance the user/developer experience. We would, therefore, love to get your valuable inputs so that maximum progress can be achieved.


Thanks for being and staying a ‘txtWebber’!!!



New to txtWeb?

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