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txtWeb announces the launch of CODE WARRIORS for it's premium developers


txtWeb is pleased to announce the launch of the much awaited developer contest centred around “INNOVATION” called “CODE WARRIORS”.


What is Code Warriors all about?

Code Warriors is a national level app building contest , that encourages all developers to build apps on txtWeb,  centred around innovation . The contest runs for 2 weeks starting on March 19th and ending on April 1st 2012.


Can I as a txtWeb developer participate in the contest?

Any txtWeb developer who has fulfilled either of the below mentioned conditions can participate in the contest.


  1. A developer should have built  at least 2 apps (txtSites or txtApps) that are functional on the platform and are not returning any errors. OR
  2. A developer should have built at least one app that has greater than 200 unique users on the platform. If you are not sure on how many unique users you have on the platform, reach out to us and we will let you know.


How do you define innovation? What are the apps that can be classified as ‘innovative”?


Any new method, idea or feature that we feel has long term prospects for txtWeb and genuinely adds value to the platform would be considered innovative and qualifies for selection amongst the top ten apps. All apps developed by eligible developers between March 19th 2012 and April 1st 2012 are eligible for selection.


We encourage our developers o think along the following lines-


  1. Can you think of any solution that can help businesses? Any app that acts as a prototype and helps businesses at large in some way? It can be centred around registrations made easy, or lead generation ,CRM customer care solutions or even plugins. 
  2. Can we have apps rely on crowd sourced content and pro]ice information that is user generated, such as local news that is relevant at a mico level or traffic updates,?
  3. Can we have multi user interactive apps on the platform? Apps centred around gaming and involving more than one user interacting with the app simultaneously.


Again these are just ideas we feel can add value to the platform.

Developers are encouraged to think on their own and build apps they personally feel will be of value from an innovation perspective.


What are the prizes? Who are the judges?

We have exciting prizes for the top 3 as well as the top 10 developers coming up with exciting innovative ideas not implemented on the platform till date. You can check out more details on http://codewarriors.in


The apps would be judged by an elite panel of judges comprising of leaders and innovators from the technology industry . Top 10 developers get an all expense paid trip with accommodation to showcase their apps to these judges in person at the Intuit Office in Bangalore.


So what are you guys waiting for? It’s time to put on your thinking hats once again and start churning out some real good code and become a true “CODE WARRIOR".

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Srinivasan Narayan | March 20, 2012

@Sushant- If you have published both your apps on or before March 19th you are eligible.

sushant kumar | March 19, 2012

I have completed my second running app to qualify in contest today afternoon. Am I eligible for contest?

Lavakumar | March 19, 2012

Nice contest..! I like it.. +1


Srinivasan Narayan

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