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Why the "t" small and "W" capital in "txtWeb"?


Several people have asked why the "t" small and "W" capital in "txtWeb". So here is the logic:


Texting is cool, edgy and a bit defiant and hence the small cap and the missing "e" from "text". Web/online is old-fashioned, uptight and rule-bound and hence the large cap without the "e" missing.


Would love to hear the reactions from the community.



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Payal Sakhuja | August 17, 2011

Simply love the logic !!!

Parth | August 16, 2011

( 0 0 |...

Jashwant Singh Chaudhary | August 16, 2011

"May be 'creativity' is the word" Whether you have thought it before or manipulated it now, its simply gr8 logic. I loved it... You surely have some good thinkers at your side.


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