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Nominated for @jntuk, Pavan Teja admits that txtWeb has opened a whole new world of opportunities for him. Excited that he is now empowered to make apps that can benefit society, he vows to make better apps in the days ahead.

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  • Your Apps on txtWeb:
    • Which apps do you have on txtWeb currently? Which one is the most popular among users?

@jntuk,@eamcet .


  • Which app are you most proud of having developed and why?

I am very proud of developing @jntuk.agg which is the sub app of @jntuk. With this app, I am providing the service to all the students studying in 200 engineering colleges affiliated to JNTU Kakinada. Addressing an important need of the students, it not only fetches the information from the net but also performs calculations on the data and provides them all the information about their performance within seconds.


  • What was your motivation in developing these apps on txtWeb?

NEED.... it is the only thing that motivated me to develop apps on txtweb. We know that It is difficult for people in rural areas to access information from the internet and txtweb is providing the perfect platform to fill this gap; and I am doing my best to take part to fill that gap. 


  • Your experience with txtWeb:
    • What has been your learning while developing apps on txtWeb?

I have learnt and earned a lot from txtweb. Using txtweb I developed my first real world app and to make my app survive I analysed the needs of my users, reached them for filtering the requirements for serving them the best and then I provided the best service.

Now at the end of App2Fame i understood if we provide the best to our clients, they will be our best sellers, publishers and ambassadors. My users proved it.


Coming to my earnings from txtweb, I am really glad to say that my life can be classified as before and after txtweb. Before txtweb I was an ordinary student with no reputation and identity. Now, after developing my app @jntuk people come over to wish me. Over 300000 graduate students from approximately 200 engineering colleges can identify me with the name @jntuk. I also got a job offer from a software company for my app -- They are ready to provide me scholarship and internship. I had never imagined such things before in my life. All this happened to me because of txtweb.


  • Which programming language, tools & resources and technology do you use to develop apps on txtWeb?

I use Java and Google app engine as shown in the tutorials for developing and deploying apps on txtweb


  • As a developer, why would you recommend txtWeb platform to other developers?

txtWeb is a very simple and easy platform for developing apps. A person who has a little knowledge about servlets (speaking about java) and web can develop high potential apps without any problem.

As a developer we can develop great apps on many platforms but apps on txtweb platform will get us fame and make us most popular. It will be very exciting to see lakhs of people using our service.


  • Other Platforms:
    • Which are the other platforms you have developed apps on?

Previously I used to send cricket scores to all my friends by operating my own desktop application written in visual basic remotely via www.160by2.com and www.gingly.com. It served very well but limited to fixed number of users.I have never developed apps for mobile devices.


  • How has your experience been on txtWeb vis-a-vis other platforms?

I don’t know well about other platforms but my previous experiment of developing the apps using request-response model via SMS was clumsy and not scalable. txtwbeb’s scalability in handling requests and sending response is amazing and extraordinary.


  • Which online resources, websites, forums do you often visit and recommend to other developers?

The online resource which I use most is http://www.codeproject.com/where we can find Software development and Design articles, code snippets, discussions, and news provided by the best developers on the net. They tackle real-world issues to save you valuable time.

I also recommend http://stackoverflow.comfor forums and http://www.w3schools.comfor learning new programming languages


  • Who is your role model? What are your personal aspirations?

My lecturer Miss VL Manasa. She left my college 2 years ago, but made a great impact on me.

I aim to establish and run a world class poultry farm.


  • Profile:
    • Educational

Pursuing 4thyear B.tech in Information Technology at Sri Sai Madhavi Institute Of Science And Technology near Rajahmundry.

  • Professional
  • Hobbies

Programming, Riding bikes, Playing Cricket and Volleyball.

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pavan | June 25, 2012

Thanks for your words sivayogi. Your can share your ideas here and on facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/txtweb/




Deepa Chaudhuri

Currently: Employed

Company: txtWeb

Role/Title: Community Manager

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