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We strongly believe in the adage “Great people know great people”. We feel that this is the single biggest contributor towards building an active community on the internet. Having built a rich community of developers on the txtWeb platform, we felt the need to raise the bar. This is our motivation behind launching an exciting referral program for developers.


So what exactly is the Developer Referral Program?


The Developer Referral program is an initiative to make our community stronger, richer and more active. Every existing developer on the txtWeb platform is encouraged to refer other developers via email. As a token of appreciation, we reward developers who participate actively in this initiative.



How does the referral program work?


Here’s how you can start referring your friends

·         Sign into http://txtWeb.com.

·         Click on “Refer a Developer” tab on the right.

·         Enter email ids of developers who you feel would add value to our platform.

·         Click on the “Invite” button

·         An email is sent to the developer with the referral link

·         The invited developer has to click the link and register himself/herself on the platform.

·         An email is sent to the referrer for every referral that signs up on the platform.


What is in it for developers?


Apart from helping us make the txtWeb community richer, we also acknowledge your effort in the following ways


·         If 5 referrals from your invitation list sign up on the platform , you win a gift coupon worth INR 500 as a token of appreciation


·         If any one of your referred developers builds a great app that receives 1500 unique users in 2 months since the app gets published, the referrer (person who referred the mentioned developer) wins INR 2500 and the referred developer wins INR 5000 as a token of appreciation.


What if a developer receives an invite from multiple individuals?



If a developer receives an invite from multiple individuals, it depends on whose link he clicks to register himself/herself on the platform. On the basis of that, the tracking of the referral takes place.



How will I know my referral status?


For every developer who signs up through your invitation, an email is sent out to you that lets you know about the sign up and gives you an update on your referral status.i.e. the number of developers who signed up  on the platform through your invitations.


We keep track of the unique users using your app. Once the app gets 1500 unique users, an email would be sent to the referrer and the referred developer intimating them about the status and ways to claim their prize.


How many times can I win the award?


You can refer as many friends as you wish. However you would be rewarded only once for referring 5 developers. Also the award for helping build a killer app is given out only once.


If you’ve reached here, we are sure you are absolutely clear on how the feature works. So what are you waiting for? Start referring your developer friends and help us in building an even stronger and more vibrant txtWeb community!




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